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Adze Designs

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Adze Designs is pioneering the field of human-centered, science-guided functional space design in the region, focusing mainly on workplace design. We design offices based on psychology and ethnographic studies enmeshed in sound architectural practice

The Story of The Adze

When humans first harnessed the power of fire, they inadvertently created the first man-made “space”.  But beyond the physical construction of the space, it also market the point where humans realized that certain functions could be housed within designated spaces, and that concept was precipitated from a mental construct to an actual ability to create to fulfill a need. This later spawned the entire field of architecture.

As the tools progressed and evolved, we came to know the Adze, a stone-age tool wielded by workers across history, and which came to play a role in many professions from the birth of civilization to its maturity such as ice chopping, woodworking and carpentry, shipbuilding, railroad laying, firefighting, sculpting, and demolition.



Workplace Design Approach


Adze Designs has formulated a unique approach to workplace design resting upon three foundational pillars:

- Human for which the space is being designed,
Organization for which the design is taking place,
- Knowledge uncovered in the last 3 decades informing the practice of workplace design. 

The functionality of the workplace lies at the crux of the intermingling and overlapping needs of these 3 parties. Our approach espouses a philosophy, not of compromise, but of synergy, promoting maximal collective output for all stakeholders involved.


Design Considereations

- Human autonomy: Considering the best seating profile for each persona. i.e. desk size, chair style for different working postures, lighting, acoustics etc.

Human - Human Interaction: Designing the furniture grouping strategy to match the desired way of interaction differently among each team.

-Team - Team Interaction: Considering the location and proximity of each space in a way that support the workflow and internal dynamics. This will be manifested in the zoning and circulation strategy.

Organisation - Space Interaction: Designing the visual experience of the space users to to attain the needed impact of effective values and brand.

Space - Surrounding Interaction: Considering space relation with the outer surroundings in terms of natural lighting, ventilation, location, and surrounding amenities



- Office Buildings Architecture Design: we help real-estate developers to design office buildings that add value to any potential tenant. Moreover we ensure providing designs that are flexible enough to be resilient to major changes in work styles and different business industries.

- Workplace Design & Supervision: for entities which are relocating into new premises 

- Visual Experience Design: suitable for workplaces that are lacking a true visual experience that manifests the essence of organization's culture and business's brand. 

- Layout Planning: mainly for tech-companies that transforming towards agile management. Also for entities that suffer from non-alignment between the work dynamics and interaction between different department, and their layout arrangement. 

- Co-working Spaces Design: we help co-working spaces chains to deliver a diversity in workspaces and a better working experience for their customers.

Regions we cover

  • MENA
  • Egypt

Clients we serve

  • SMEs
  • Startups
  • Enterprise

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Salem Korayem
January 12, 2021
We were surprised by how Adze team were experienced with what makes a great environment for a fast pace and innovative tech startup. As CTO, I asked them to create at least 5 places for any engineer to work at so they can unlock their creativity and they delivered an outstanding renovation project and converted a dull old space into a very inviting space for bright minds to thrive. What we also enjoyed is the first phase of the project where we did workshops for them to understand our dynamics and how to reflect that into the space we work in. Highly recommended for serious companies.
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Anwar Abdel Azeem
December 27, 2020
Associate Fellow at Mirqah
Adze’s designs are very practical building on our needs while being modern, fresh and aesthetically pleasing. It is refreshing to see designers research how the space is used and tailor the design on the users, at times coming up with novel ideas and clarifying needs that we were not aware of. Their design added a lot of value to the team and enabled maximum space utilisation.
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Osama Harfoush
December 23, 2020
Egypt Country Manager, Mrsool
I am so happy that we choose Adze so great to work with Kareem and his team from start to finish they did an incredible job - everything was stunning! The decor was gorgeous and they created our dream office. I would highly recommend Adze to everyone!
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