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Everything you need

Private offices are sometimes preferable but the increasing presence of co-working spaces is slowly eliminating the need for those. Companies operating in the co-working spaces industry are kitting their offices with everything employees need, from conference halls and meeting rooms to leisure lounges.

Working together

When several companies operate within the same space, it naturally opens up the room for collaboration and potential opportunities of working together. This promotes a friendlier and more encouraging working environment when you are surrounded by people from different companies and fields, which can even improve your own employees’ skills and productivity.

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MQR, formerly AlMaqarr, is a tech-enabled workspace management company that helps people work in productivity-conducive environments while allowing companies to maximize the possibilities of their workspaces.
THE B-HUB is a Business community service provider that offers fully serviced, private offices, and co-working spaces, at El-Korba. We offer startups, early-stage companies, and the growing-stage companies a place to start and expand their business.