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Endless data stream

Data analytics in simple terms is the process of analyzing raw data to find trends and answer questions, whether they are questions about your customers, competitors, or even the general market. Business analytics help reveal metrics that would otherwise be lost in the mass of information.

A link in the chain

All this data is one link in the wider spectrum of supply chain management and logistics management. The stream of information through these channels is critical to their success, and how a company manages its ERP systems and flow of information through its supply chain is what makes it successful.

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10 Othman Towers, Nile Corniche, Maadi, Cairo
Weelo Business is a digital AI supply chain solution. Our sales and distribution automation platform enables trading partners to connect, communicate, and collaborate from warehouse to cash collection in real time.
Synapse Analytics
129 ElMerghany Tower, ElMerghany, Cairo, Egypt, Second Floor, Apartment 24 11757, Egypt
Synapse Analytics is a data science and AI company that helps businesses, organizations and governments leverage their data in streamlining their operations, upheaving performance and increasing efficiency.
The Datum Company
A technology-driven consulting firm offers various solutions; with a focus on Geomarketing Analytics, Software Development, and Business Intelligence to provide strategic and tactical insights to a diverse industry client market.
Pegasus Operational Excellence Solutions
Business Consultancy that Fosters Growth, Enhances Processes, and Empowers companies and individuals Using Digital Transformation Enablers, Data Analytics, And Operational Excellence Methodologies.
Frontline Solutions
We Frontline Solutions do “Digital Transformation for companies with NO Investment cost” Cloud Services, Data Analytics, Software as a Service (ERP System), e-Commerce, Infrastructure as a Service