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Future of education

Education technology, most often abbreviated as EdTech, is in the simplest of terms, the combination of IT tools and educational practices aimed at enhancing the overall learning experience. This influx of EdTech tools is changing classrooms in a variety of ways, and EdTech startups are making their way into Egypt steadily.

Neverending EdTech potential

The potential for scaleable individualized learning has played an important role in EdTech's ascendance. This increased the need for educational consultancy agencies to help schools implement the different types of EdTech onto their learning procedure. The following curated list offers you a number of excellent agencies to work within the educational and EdTech field.

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The AUC School of Business Executive Education
AUC School of Business offers a wide range of professional programs that aim to empower leaders and executives with the knowledge and tools necessary for reconfiguring their businesses to match and even outpace a complex, ever evolving world.
Newton Education Services
Newton is Egypt's and the MENA region's premier educational consultancy and education services provider offering services to universities, funding organizations, government agencies, and individuals.
Apex Counseling
Applying to university abroad? Apex offers premium university counseling to students around the world to help maximize your admissions chances to your top-choice colleges.
Kalamna CIC
Kalamna CIC connects children with their Arabic heritage by providing online Arabic classes for families living outside of Egypt, in addition to teacher training in our unique Kalamna Phonics™ method.