MMM Coaching (Mahitab M. Marzouk)

MMM Coaching (Mahitab M. Marzouk)

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Send a message for your FREE 60 mins session
MMM Coaching (Mahitab M. Marzouk)
MMM Coaching (Mahitab M. Marzouk)

MMM Coaching (Mahitab M. Marzouk)

Send a message for your FREE 60 mins session
Send a message for your FREE 60 mins session


MMM Coaching, (Life & Executive Certified Coach) A partner in Making things happen, Moving forward and Managing change & actions. I am here to empower women to stand for what they really deserve and what they can achieve. Individual & groups Coaching

Who Am I?

My background:

I hold a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Masters in Professional Development from the American University in Cairo. I have Marketing and Managerial experience, since I worked several years in the field. I lived in several countries and I speak, Arabic, French, English and Spanish. In 2019 I became president of the United Nations international Bazar.


  • 1:1 coaching sessions, book your discovery session
  • 8 weeks Mental Fitness Program to improve: - Peak Performance - Peace of mind, Wellness & Better Relationships.  Take your saboteur assesssement to know what self sabotage you.
  • curious to know how to overcome this contact me.

My Accreditations:

  • Received my professional coaching certificate from IDC, Geneva/Switzerland, an accredited school By ICF (the International Coaching Federation). November 2019
  • Received my Coaching Certification From IDC. August 2020.
  • Partnering with positive intelligence since September 2020.
  • Received my ACC certificate from ICF in November 2020.

My story:

Testimonials of my partners in success:

With whom I would like to partner?

As a thinking partner:

I love coaching woman to dig inside and retrieve their strength and Move forward, Making things happen while Managing actions & change. My clients or as I wish to call them, my thinking partners, always inspire me with their inner strength and power. Hence, I am always looking for those women who have energy, passion and potential, but are hijacked by their inner saboteur who make them stuck in negative thoughts that stops.

What do I promise when coaching?

  1. A partnership based on confidentiality without judgement.
  2. A commitment to achieving your “Best you and leading your life”.
  3. To work on your decided objective.
  4. To raise awareness through powerful questions to uncover your real potential.
  5. To bringing up your real essence and discovering your values.
  6. To actively listen to all your thoughts and words
  7. To partner in Making things happen, Moving forward and Managing change and actions

Why I call my Business "MMM Coaching"?

It is simply the abbreviation to my name and my philosophy.

Mahitab ----------- Making things happen

Mohamed ---------Moving forward

Marzouk -----------Managing change & actions 

You want to know more About me? 





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Regions we cover

  • Worldwide
  • MENA
  • Egypt

Clients we serve

  • NGO
  • SMEs
  • Startups
  • Enterprise
  • Public Sector

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Mona Selim
June 30, 2021
Freelance Architect
I had a session with MMM coaching, and i found it very insightful, she was very understanding and listened to me patiently. I would definitely recommend her services.
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Heba Zaghloul
May 3, 2021
Mahitab was wonderful. For someone like me who finds it difficult to open up, she was able from the very first session to make me feel "home", trusting and comfortable. She was extremely helpful and very understanding, and was able to help me very clearly setting my goals and priorities and to be focused. This was for me a great accomplishment.This enabled me to take effective steps forward, actions to achieve the goals we set together. She was very patient, listening to every single word that is being said and extremely motivating, challenging, passionate with so much positive energy
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Eman Elazab
March 20, 2021
Ass Prof Computer Science
I was fortunate to join the Positive Intelligence Program with Mahitab. The program is well structured, it shows you proven methods to take the driver seat and stop your mind from controlling you. Further, the program raises your awareness and helps you to deal with life challenges and personal/ professional relationships. This is a true blessing . I highly recommend the Mental Fitness program coached by Mahitab for those who would like to dig in deeper within themselves to be able to handle the stress and move forward.
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