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Energy makes the workplace

Office development and workplace design is both an art and science that can be tailored for your business to ensure the maximum efficiency and productivity of your employees. Facility design professionals around the world have been agreeing on the effect of such workplace practices that fosters the productivity of employees through functional space design.

Construction projects on the rise

With the increasing population, there is a constant need for office and commercial building projects, alongside residential buildings in the region to fill the market needs. The below-curated list of real estate and construction service agencies is what you need for any residential or workplace project in hand.

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Mazura Egypt
At Mazura, we get our inspiration from our client's individuality and spirit then turn those ideas into your haven for any project, be it residential, commercial or corporate through our superior interiors, fit-outs, and finishing services.
East Coast Advisory and Development
East Coast Advisory was established in 2018 as a dedicated holistic advisor to the real estate stakeholders in Egypt.
Adze Designs
Adze Designs is pioneering the field of human-centered, science-guided functional space design in the region, focusing mainly on workplace design. We design offices based on psychology and ethnographic studies enmeshed in sound architectural practice