True North Consulting FZ-LLC
True North Consulting FZ-LLC
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October 24, 2021
Managing Partner
Novelty LLC is a newly created organization and True North Consulting was one of the 1st company we worked with while creating our company Identity. Expertise, Professionalism and Flexibility are the top 3 attributes I would use to describe True North while collaborating with us. I highly recommend their services!
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Ola Bakri
August 25, 2021
Regional Director - GHP Middle East
Extraordinary Professional! her agility and attention to every detail, going beyond what is required in order to deliver our requirements through the multiple projects we worked together on, Mai quickly became our go to person in her expertise areas for any project small or big… A truly great business partner to achieve our goals in the region. It is a pleasure to work together, more to come..
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Moody Demetry
August 4, 2021
Founder and Director
I can't express enough gratitude to Mai El-Kinawi and her work ethic. She is a true leader with excellent interpersonal skills. Whenever I needed assistance Mai was always willing to help. She is very knowledgeable, with tremendous experience. Her support for my nonprofit is immeasurable, and I highly recommend her. She helped us think through our problems and find strategic solutions. Partnering with Mai's is one of the best decisions made to date, and I enjoyed working with her.
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Mohamed Seif
July 15, 2021
Procurement Director
I would like to thank Mai for her professional attitude and support, Mai was very supportive, great communicator and was very helpful during the project execution and added a lot of value to the project. Thanks Mai your effort which is really appreciated.
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Leena Al Olaimy
June 2, 2021
Mai contributed immensely to supporting Diversity On Board in harvesting information from our Virtual Forum and mapping out a content strategy and social media outreach plan that spanned across multiple platforms. In addition to her exceptional creative skills, her social outreach plan was backed with intelligent and feasible market analysis, and working with her has been a great learning experience for our team.
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Sanjeev Walia
May 27, 2021
Founder and President
Mai delivered a full-day “Strategy Reflection Session” to 20+ team members aimed at rejuvenating our approach as we enter a new phase & year of our business. The session was invigorating through a series of interactive activities that helped us step ‘outside the box’ and think about our business, clients and how best to serve them. Mai came in with insightful knowledge of our industry and skillfully tailored the activities to our corporate dynamics, keeping everyone engaged. We emerged from the session with an aligned approach and clear work-streams to deliver our growth plans.
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