THE B-HUB is a Business community service provider that offers fully serviced, private offices, and co-working spaces, at El-Korba.
We offer startups, early-stage companies, and the growing-stage companies a place to start and expand their business.

Who we are

THE B-HUB is a Business community services provider that offers fully serviced, and adaptable co-working space, along with essential business support functions, with an all-out space of 1000 sqm that incorporates different sizes of office space, open workspace and recreational facilities at your fingertips, with a fixed contract you can get to work every day with some peace of mind.
It is not only the space The B-Hub offers, but also enabling services that clients need to develop their businesses; we have created a peaceful and self-serving working atmosphere that promotes a modern and professional culture of work. you will find it all in one place!


Who we serve


- Entrepreneurs/Startups
You with your full passion as an entrepreneur do not want to be disturbed with complicated setup requirements for your company’s Legal, financial, business issues, in addition to the office space, but would rather depend on someone to handle all these on their behalf, With that, your chances to succeed are way bigger.

- Early-stage companies
After launching your startup from the ground up, a lot of effort is needed to overcome obstacles that will hinder your business growth. It is time to get bigger and more professional you will need some serious help to manage your operations, profits, your cash situations, your team issues, and your IT growing challenges. The B-HUB can help with all of that and more.

- Growing-stage companies
The “scaling up time”, and a reassessment of strategic directions need to be reconfirmed, Also, the operational objectives and plans need to be communicated with your team. It is time to expand and get bigger office space, and invite more customers and team members in, which will be made possible at THE B-HUB.

- Multinational/Foreign companies
You have the opportunity to expand your targeted market and to do business in Egypt, but you are not sure how to start or where to set your office and team. We can help with that, starting from incorporating your company, advise on the local laws and regulations, settling you in a professional work space in the heart of Cairo, Heliopolis. Along with providing you with the financial, human resources, and IT services you will need.

- Remote corporate office
Located in west Cairo or Giza, or other remote location, and your team is driving long hours during the day to meet their customers in east Cairo area. You don’t need to think twice about moving in at THE B-HUB. No need to have a second location and go through all the trouble of managing its expenses, we can host you in the best area in Heliopolis and provide different space options to host your team. It will be your second office with no burdens or big investments.



Regions we cover

  • Egypt

Clients we serve

  • NGO
  • SMEs
  • Startups
  • Enterprise
  • Public Sector

Additional information

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khalid Elgabarty
January 20, 2021
GM- MEMAAR building systems (EGY)
My appreciation to b-hub team for the place helps to build a work environment that is positive, motivating, and engaging
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Sameh Rezk
January 11, 2021
Learning & Development Consultant
Amazing place. Great service & highly professional staff.
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Nour Eldin
January 7, 2021
Operation Business partner
Very good place with very professional services
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