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We strive to positively impact small and medium-sized institutions with exponential business thinking to allow solve their biggest challenges and elevate their ideas. We provide real-time guidance and look-forward to economic growth & innovation.

Inspired by the fast-growing marketing industry and the promising futuristic startup ecosystem and
SMEs to outgrow their businesses in a methodological approach, in 2005 Noha Fathi founded Driven by her passion and entrepreneurial mindset, Fathi’s mission was to bring
the marketing knowledge and experience into practice through providing high-end marketing and
management consultation services to the business entities. She addressed a simple market need and
created its solution in a cost-effective demeanor.

Over the years since then, the company has successfully enrolled in various business endavours with
a steady flow of ground-breaking consultations. The first project took place in 2005, where won the bid of collaborating with the EU on conducting organizational diagnosis
for the trade agreements sector in order to achieve trade enhancements for SMEs as well as large
exporters. Following the EU trade agreements project, a couple of international agencies such as the
USAID, CIDA, IntraSoft and the IMC worked jointly with the firm on marketing consultation activities.
Being distinguished with robust expertise in business consultancy have paved the company’s way to
amplify its spectrum in serving novel models (e.g. start-ups and Entrepreneurs), known to be the
society’s backbone and the source of unemployment eradication.

Accordingly, in December 2008, was selected as the authorized marketing consultant for the Technology Incubation Program – affiliated to the MCIT. However, the incessant accomplishments were not only limited to the local region alone, but also internationally. Along the years (2013-2014), and with ANIMA cooperation, the company was summoned to coach and mentor entrepreneurs in the
following regions: Paris – June, 2013; Brussels – September 2014; Casablanca – January, 2014; and
Cairo – February, 2014.

Our main objective is to take a systematic approach to value creation via setting out a business
platform for SMEs, Startups, Entrepreneurs and Interns to:

1- Obtain the business know-how to help generate leads and achieve profitable growth
2- Master the essentials of brand leadership and the integrated marketing functions
3- Identify their target customer(s) and manage flaghip retention solutions
4- Develop the building blocks of the “Entrepreneurship” concept among future graduates
5- Build innovative business model that fits the market‘s accelerating needs and help to win
6- Create a dynamic network of connections with the private sector business leaders
7- Design a roadmap that identifies the business key priorities and improves performance aspire to provide a Spirit of Excellence and a fully fledged marketing consultancy and innovation services. Scheduling a consultation at allows startup owners to build a map of their strengths and weaknesses, manage the business expectations, review the business status in comparison to the rivals in the market and carry out a competitive market research and analysis.

Company Services:

1- Business Consultancy (Monitoring & Evaluation; Business matchmaking; Communication strategy; Organization diagnosis; Organizational Assessment; Marketing & Innovation)

2- Training & Development (Tailored capacity building training courses; Training programmes with a focus on starting and improving small businesses as a strategy for creating better employment for women and men, particularly in developing economies; Communication and visibility training sessions; Utilize social media platforms to effectively promote business; Soft Skills Trainings; brand management)

Regions we cover

  • MENA

Clients we serve

  • NGO
  • SMEs
  • Startups
  • Enterprise
  • Public Sector

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